Steps To Remove “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll From Your Computer

What is the “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll?

The “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll Virus is a kind of the very popular and active cyber scam ransomware that’s been troubling lots of computer users for quite a long time. This ransomware, claiming to be legit and authorized from police or the nation, usually will prevent you from accessing your computer again with a total block screen. The reason that it does that is due to your online activities mostly about watching child porn or forbidden content and stuff. In the name of the police or the country, it will prevent you from conducting these activities again by giving you a total blocking screen on computer. And to unlock your computer as well as correct what you have done wrong, according to this “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll Virus, you will be asked to submit a certain amount of fine, usually between $100-500 through MoneyPak or paysafecard within the limited time. Do not buy any of these warnings. The “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll Virus is a total scam!

The numbers of victims to this ransomware are quite large. And so as the numbers of this ransomware. Similar viruses with this “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll Virus include the FBI MoneyPak virus, the ICE Cyber Crimes Center scam and the RCMP malware ect. They can show up on computers with different appearances, languages and operating systems. They have certain targets at certain areas or countries. But with the abilities to spread over the Internet, they can also attack computer users from outside of their targeted zones. Computer users often find this computer problem quite threatening because they are being blackmailed using the force of law. To be more specific, if you don’t submit the requested fine within the limited time, say 48 or 72 hours, a criminal case will be automatically initiated against you which means you can be put in jail for a while. It is because of this threatening character, the “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll Virus and other ransomware from the same category can help cyber criminals benefit as much as possible. But no matter how real an
d legit it looks, the blocking message on your computer screen is affiliated with cyber criminals.

How “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll Enters Windows PC

Sometimes a situation may arise when you think that How “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll threat enters into your system in-spite of a powerful antivirus tool in your system? Actually it is very harmful threat specifically developed by cyber crooks which can even damage your antivirus software. This malware is technically designed so that it can easily penetrates your system without any prior notice and successfully hampers your all system function. It finds gateway to enter your system by following means:

when you visit some compromised websites.
Downloading shareware and freeware applications.
When open spam email attachments.
Clicking on unsafe links.
By use of removable infected storage media like dvd, pen drive, etc
When system is attacked by network infections.
Performing some other risky work online.

How to Remove “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll

The way to remove “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll from your PC involves doing two things. The first step is to effectively remove the virus by removing all infected files, and the second step is to clean your registry with damaged or infected registry keys that will prevent it from resurfacing. Removing the virus will prove to be quite difficult because closing the “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll program is not an easy task. The virus will not allow the program to be closed under normal procedures and will prevent the use of Task Manager. To close the program, you need to enter Windows using Safe Mode or obtain a program that can kill processes such as “rkill.” Once you have successfully terminated the “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll processes or closed the program, you can then delete the infected files. You can manually locate and delete the infected registry files (not recommended), or use a registry cleaner to automatically clean your Windows registry and at the same time repair damaged registry keys as a result of the infection.

This virus will install itself here:

The best removal process to eliminate the “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll from your PC is to obtain the services of a powerful anti-malware program that is created by a large software firm that can fully remove the virus. One of the best tools available in deleting harmful viruses such as “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll is Frontline Rogue Remover as it will instruct you how to stop the malware from operating and then get rid of all infected files. This tool is recommended as it’s the only one which has been designed to get rid of the fake antivirus infections on your PC, as it first shows you how to stop the infection from running, and will then remove all the parts of the malware that your computer has.

Steps To Remove “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll From Your Computer

1. Start your computer in safe mode with Networking
Reboot your system and while booting press “F8″ key continuously which will show you “Turn off System Restore on all drives” screen. Choose “Turn off System Restore on all drives” using arrow keys.

2. Show Hidden Files

3.Delete all the Registry files in Registry Editor
To view the registry files
Click Start > Run…
Type regedit in the Open: box.
Click OK.

4.Easily install and download the software and after few minutes the user will be able to access the main interface and run it on the Windows PC. Now, you may notice a button “Scan Computer” in the new dialog box, just click on it. As the user will click on it the removal tool will start it’s scanning and searching process and detect all the “bettersurf” bettersurf.dll entered.




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